On Valentine’s, I was called back to make more custom Valentine’s Cards for Bloomingdales’ Beauty Department in Aventura Mall! Each custom Valentine’s card was handmade using Copic Markers on Strathmore watercolor cards + custom envelopes.

As everyone picked their cards, I asked them to hear their love stories:

A gentleman from Monte Negro has been married to his wife for 26 years. He tells us that the secret to long lasting love is communication. He loves that his wife is also from Monte Negro and they share most of the same morals, customs, and traditions.

A young man that met his wife at Nova Southeastern University through a friend is inspiring. His eyes light up when he speaks about his Valentine and shares that he surprises his wife not just on Valentine’s day but everyday.

A woman in a new relationship went to London with her boyfriend of one month! She said it felt right to go on her trip, meeting his family and his friends. Taking a chance on love after a heartbreak is hard but always remember you deserve only the best.

A young woman has an amazing connection with her Grandmother that lives in New Jersey. She describes her bond feels a lot stronger than her own parents. I completely can relate because I had a really strong bond with my grandfather; he raised me every summer when  I visited Colombia.

Two years ago, I had my first Live Sketching session in Bloomingdales on Valentine’s Day and it was also the same day I lost my grandfather Jose Manuel. My parents made sure to contact all of my family and told them not to contact me or post anything on social media before my first event. I was heart broken when I found out later on that day, but I was relieved that I knew I gave him all the love I could. I celebrated every single one of his birthdays and he was the main reason I celebrated my wedding in Medellin, Colombia. My Grandpa will always be my forever Valentine!

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