This weekend, I had the honor to make custom Valentine’s Cards for Bloomingdales’ Fine Jewelry Department in Aventura Mall. Each Valentine’s card was handmade using lots of love and Rembrandt Watercolors and finished the details with Copic Markers on Strathmore Watercolor cards.

It was really amazing to hear everyone’s love stories:

Like a long-distance couple that lives apart and purchased jewelry for each other to remind themselves of one another when they are away from each other.

A mother purchasing a heart shaped necklace for a daughter that’s self-less and volunteers at a YMCA after class to help children with homework.

A retired pattern maker that has worked with some of Fashions Top Designers and believes she deserves to treat herself to a timeless piece.

Live Sketching Session:
Today, I will be making more Valentine’s Cards at Bloomingdales in Aventura Mall from 1 PM until 4 PM (Cosmetic Department)! Come by and tell me your Love Story and receive a custom Valentine’s Card with the purchase of cosmetics for you or your sweetheart.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more pics of my in-store live sketching sessions, illustrations, and more! Happy Valentine’s Day!




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